Experienced Mechanical Patent Lawyers

At Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., our mechanical patent lawyers assist domestic clients seeking patent prosecution in the United States, domestic clients seeking patent prosecution abroad, and international clients seeking patent prosecution in the U.S. We have extensive experience with U.S. Patent Office as well as the International Trade Commission. We can assist clients with the preparation and prosecution of a mechanical patent, including the following:

Energy Management, Power, and Lighting System Patent – including simple electrical products, a patent for switches and switch boxes, a patent for any power system or power system enhancement, and a patent on a new battery or other power supply

Motorized Patent – including a patent on any motor driven device, motor component patents, or a patent for a motorized invention or enhancement to a motor driven device or invention

Electrical Architecture Patent – including next generation electric architecture (NGEA), a component development patent, a system integration patent, a single e&e environment patent, a plug and play patent (including mechotronics and infotronics)

Hydraulics Patent – including a patent on new hydraulic pumps or hydraulic pump components, hydraulic machinery, or a patent on device or machinery powered by hydraulics or water

Vehicle Patent – including a patent for automotive components, ATV components, military vehicles, a patent for airplane components, rocket components, missile enhancements, ship components, submarine components, and exo-space vehicle or vehicle component