We at Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., are pleased you may be considering engaging the services of the firm. Due the complex nature of representation, we request that should you choose to contact the firm at 805-579-7281 for possible representation, please be prepared to provide the information below in order to allow the firm to promptly assess the practicability of offering a consultation or a referral.

  • Of course your name and, if applicable, the name of your company or legal entity you represent if other than yourself.
  • A contact daytime telephone number.
  • Preferably a second contact daytime telephone number and a telefacsimile (FAX) number.
  • A contact mailing address.
  • A contact e-mail.

Please be prepared to describe in a short sentence or two the market sector, general technical field and/or general nature of your business. Please also mention any present or potential business competitors and/or competitive products.

If you are seeking a consultation, please inform us whether any of the topics below may apply:

  • Preparing and filing – on your behalf – one or more US design patents and/or one or more US utility patent (provisional and/or non-provisional) patent applications.
  • Preparing and filing – on your behalf – an international patent application via the Patent Cooperation Treaty ( PCT ) and/or acting as your liaison with foreign patent agents for foreign patent filings of your invention.
  • Patentability and/or Patent Infringement Searches and Written Opinions.
  • Freedom to Use ( “Rights Clearing” or “Freedom to Operate” ) Searches and Written Opinions.
  • Acting as your US Patent Attorneys for patents to be filed and prosecuted in the US based on patents filed in your home jurisdiction or previously filed via the PCT.
  • California and/or US Trademark Applications for Registration and/or International Trademark Applications (whether directly via foreign trademark agents or initiated domestically via a Madrid Protocol application).
  • Trademark Search and Clearance Opinion.
  • Intellectual Property (e.g., Patent, Trademark, Copyright and/or Trade Secret) Licensing and Assignment of Rights and Governmental recording of assignments.
  • Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Letters of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement.
  • Commercial Contracting/Joint Ventures/Teaming Agreements.

The firm maintains all prospective client identities and client communications in confidence.

The firm may send you information pertaining to intellectual property related to your communication. Responses such as these should not be considered legal advice as they are not tailored to your specific circumstances and the firm has not taken you as a client. The firm refrains from representing any party prior to the mutual execution of a legal services agreement. Once you have become a client of the firm (by way of the executed legal services agreement), the firm may send you tailored communications that may include, for prospective inventions, an invention disclosure document for the inventor(s) to complete. Due to national and international patent laws, it is crucial that you be aware of critical deadlines or loss of rights that may arise by actions on your part such as a public disclosure, public use and/or placing the invention at issue on sale in the US. Maintaining records and prototypes of your invention may prove helpful in completing the invention disclosure document and such records, articles and electronic files, if any, should be archived by the inventors as evidence of their developmental effort.

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