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Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., can assist you in your intellectual property needs. We specialize in patents, trademarks, and licensing. By narrowly defining our practice area, we provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective legal advice tailored to the particular needs of our clients.

We are the Specialists



In today’s highly competitive and global market, technology officers and in-house patent counsels of innovative companies understand that making efficient use of U.S. and international patent law is critical in safeguarding company growth and profitability. When using outside experts in patent law and procedure, these discerning innovators rely on patent attorneys possessing both the technical education and experience necessary to rapidly absorb, adequately assess, and explain their innovations in a way that maximizes prospective patent rights. For design patents, this requires multiple, exemplary embodiments with successively structured legal claims. Skilled patent attorneys with the correct technical background minimize the burden placed on their client’s management and inventors by easing the communications between client and attorney and ensuring that documentation is easily understood by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.



As experienced patent attorneys, we compliment those business entities having a need for developing and refining their patent portfolios in support of well-reasoned business objectives. Our intent is to focus our practice around our technically innovative and creative clients and provide a value-added boost to their efforts aimed at defining, refining, and protecting their intellectual assets. This is why, at Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., each patent attorney possesses substantial technical education and has ample practical and high-tech engineering and/or scientific experience as well. That is also why each intellectual property law counselor and lawyer is the kind of patent attorney who readily absorbs technical specifications and protocols, system and device design and development, and troubleshooting techniques. In addition, each patent attorney applies the latest federal court cases to analyze unexpired patents for possible infringement and assess the effects that published documents may have on patentability of a purported invention.



Please review our Practice Areas for a sampling of the complex and highly innovative technologies for which we provide intellectual property law services. In addition to possessing a broad technical knowledge base, Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C. also has a wide-ranging customer base. We work with many local companies, numerous clients along the Pacific coast, clients spread across the U.S., as well as those that operate internationally. Our services include:

  • Pre-filing patent services
  • Patent prosecution (utility and design)
  • Utility patent portfolio advice
  • Patent licensing and related issues
  • Patent infringement and right-to-operate opinions
  • Support for your patent litigation team
  • Trademarks
  • Licensing agreements
  • Design
  • IP and the Internet
  • IP Contracts and Assignment agreements
  • Post-Grant Proceedings
  • Inter partes and Ex parte Reexaminations
  • Trade Secret advice
  • Strategic IP Planning
  • Technology Procurement, Development, and Licensing
  • Copyright


We invite you to discover how we earned our reputation for integrity and expertise. Please contact our office of technically-trained, experienced patent lawyers to schedule a confidential consultation. Phone Number: 310-409-9920


  • "I've enjoyed working with Jim to satisfy our patent drafting needs for over seven years now and greatly appreciate his professional and cost-effective service."–David Zoetewey, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

  • It was a pleasure working with PJ and his team. His knowledge and talent allowed him to quickly and accurately capture the essence of our invention in our patent application. His quick turnaround allowed us to properly file our patent application in a timely manner. Thanks to PJ and his team, we began our sales and marketing ahead of schedule. As such, we are eagerly looking forward to continue working with him on our next set of projects.–George Baldonado, Oasis Technology, Inc.

  • When I hired Doug, my patent applications were in serious trouble caused by my previous attorneys. Doug managed to get them all back on track. In addition to having expert knowledge of the subtleties that can be used to advance both US and foreign patent prosecutions, Doug is patient, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with.–Brian Moffat, Inventor