Experienced Patent Attorneys

Whether your goal is to develop a patent portfolio strategy or to protect your future product in the marketplace, Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C. has the capability to translate your ideas, technology, and product development into successful patents that achieve their intended purpose: protecting your products, your market, and advancing your bottom line. Our firm is dedicated to providing specialized patent counseling at reasonable prices.

Our patent services include:
• Drafting U.S. and international patent applications (PCT applications)
• Providing guidance to foreign patent prosecution council
• Patent portfolio development (intellectual property strategy)
• Patent infringement and validity analysis
• U.S. Office Action responses
• International responses to Written Opinions

The firm focuses its patent prosecution in the fields of consumer electronics, semiconductor manufacturing and devices, micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS), medical devices, green-energy devices, mechanical and electromechanical devices, electro-optical systems, and aeronautical apparatus.

Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C. works with domestic clients throughout the United States as well as clients from countries around the world. Through our network of qualified foreign firms, we are able to offer world-wide protection for your inventions, while maintaining the personalized service and pricing that comes from being a boutique intellectual property law firm located just outside the Los Angeles area.