Experienced Industrial Patent Attorneys

At Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., our industrial patent lawyers assist domestic clients seeking industrial patent prosecution in the United States, domestic clients seeking industrial patent prosecution abroad, and international clients seeking industrial patent prosecution in the U.S. We have extensive experience with U.S. Patent Office as well as the International Trade Commission. We can assist clients with the preparation and prosecution of an industrial patent, including the following:

Automatic and Manual Control System Patent – including patents for any system or device used to control remote sites, such as environmental control system patents, vehicle control system patents (such as braking or steering system patents), security system patents, and distributive monitoring and control patents

Network Devices and Business Methods Patent – including software methods for exploiting industrial systems or equipment, hardware interface and data storing devices

Sensor Related Patent – including a patent for industrial electromagnetic and acoustical devices and systems, industrial optical and imaging devices, industrial systems, and industrial system components

We have the industrial engineering background and knowledge to provide you with the value-added service and advice you demand. Our patent attorneys are well-versed in performing a troubleshooting analysis, reviewing technical specifications, and handling industrial engineered products and methods.