Practice Areas

At Brooks Acordia IP Law, P.C., we assist US-based clients in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications before the United States Patent Office, and may further their patent prosecutions beyond the USPTO by either a filing under the Patent Cooperation Treaty or coordinating direct foreign filings using foreign patent agents or foreign patent attorneys, or both. We have extensive experience as client representatives before the U.S. Patent Office in several of the broad technical categories listed below. In addition, our technical and patent law expertice may be applied to support cases filed with the International Trade Commission (seeking an exclusion order) or federal district courts (infringement/non-infringement). As intellectual property attorneys, we represent several clients in their pursuit of federal trademark registrations. We are equally adept at conducting novelty searches with opinions and preparing  and prosecuting complex patent applications in a number of technologies, including the following:

Mechanical Patents – including: energy management systems, hydraulic and pneumatic devices and systems, electromechanical devices and systems patent, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic vehicles and components, and structural and supportive components.

Electrical Patents – including: power, battery and lighting devices and systems patent; electronic devices and systems; magnetic and electromagnetic devices; radio frequency antennas, transmitters, receivers; and both analog and digital signal processing devices and systems; optical and infrared sensors including focal plane arrays and interferometers; pattern recognition systems; automatic control and manual (having human-machine interface) control systems; guidance and navigation systems; or various motion and survey sensors, and related devices and systems.

Industrial & Inter-networking Patents – including: articles of manufacture via injection molding, machining, stamping, and the like; ceramics and industrial materials; environmental control systems; industrial, production and quality control methods systems and devices; security system and other distributed monitoring and hierarchical feedback and control systems; and wired and wireless network and inter-networking devices and systems including streaming video, telepresence, and home device inter-networking.

Software, Electronic Commerce and Business Method Patents – including: complex stochastic algorithmic processing, digital signal processing; distributed electronic commerce algorithms, client-server processes; inter-networking and intra-networking protocols and quality of service algorithms, and methods of business.

As intellectual property counselors, we also provide the following intellectual property services:

  • Design patent application preparation and prosecution for the ornamental features of an article of manufacture (e.g., a decorative knife handle, the ornamentation of a candle stick, the shape of a paper weight and the like, and ornamental surface indicia such as the symbology of a warning sign).
  • US Trademark registration application preparation and filing as either intent-to-use or in-use applications
  • California trademark registration applications
  • Initiate foreign trademark registration via a Madrid Protocol application
  • Copyright registration application preparation and filing
  • Patent Infringement and patent right-to-use/operate opinions
  • Intellectual property portfolio assessments and patent litigation support